Student Union


Luisa Nicks


Hello, my name is Luisa Nicks and I am the President of the Student Union at TCS6. When I first found out I got the role of President I was shocked but full of excitement to help improve our sixth form. With the new year ahead and not much time left of the academic year I intend to listen to what my fellow students would like and what they believe will improve the sixth form and hopefully put their ideas in place. Some personal goals of mine are to help with the advertisement of the sixth form, to help year 11’s with their decisions, to show sixth formers different ideas of post 18 and to make sure sixth formers do not get treated like the lower school. As I have been in the school since year 7 I have seen the school grow and change. I would love to make a change and lead the way for future student unions. I am proud and honoured to receive this role and with my team. I hope to do the best job I can.


Morgan Green

Vice President

Hello, my name is Morgan and I am highly invested in PE. The vast majority of my success throughout my life has been orientated around sports such as Football, Athletics and Cross Country. I reached district and county level in all three of these sports. My biggest success has been Football as I representing my Country on one occasion, as a result of performing consistently well at Stoke City during the season. I also study Business in Sixth Form, and I’m currently applying to University.

I have always been an individual that has been doubted, and I want to help students realise their potential, and help people to realise that progress peaks at different times for different people. There are no barriers and limits to how much you somebody can succeed, given the right work ethic.


Emily Cartwright

Marketing & Publicity

Hi, through my love of English literature and limited yet present knowledge of computers, I saw the newspaper as an opportunity to shy away from pure academics and to establish a more creative side during my time in Sixth Form, and from there… the Newspaper was born. My goal of the Newspaper is to reinstate a sort of condensed form of the sixth forms big accomplishments in a smaller, physical form.


Avery Ranson

Equality and Diversity Representative

Hi, I’m Avery and I’m the Diversity and Equality leader for our sixth from. I am very passionate about this and have taken large strives within our school community to make this progression. I have taken diligent action by setting GSA groups for younger years, hosted assemblies combatting serious issues and have previously been a Year 11 prefect and wanted to continue my work. My goal is to encourage an accepting and safe environment for all students throughout the school


Charlotte Pearce

Social Secretary

My name is Charlotte Pearce, As a part of my role as Social Secretary I have to plan and delegate ideas to the Head of Sixth Form for plans towards days out, future advancements to the sixth form. I am a voice for the whole of the sixth form, whom I consult before I plan outings. Already, we have planned activities such as trips to Plymouth for ice skating and dinner at Frankie and Benny’s. Also I have organised Paint-Balling at Ashcombe Adventure park for the whole of the sixth form. Furthermore, I have also compiled a student union day out at an obstacle course. My goal within the role is to blur the line between Year 12 and 13 and to compile a more united front for the sixth form and to make school a more comfortable and welcoming place to study.


Taylor Weston

Learning Representative (Maths)

Hi, I’m Taylor Weston and I am the Maths Ambassador for the Sixth Form. I am very enthusiastic about maths as it is one of my  favourite subjects.The maths department has gone to Exmouth for a mathematics competition and competed against the best schools across the country and performed very well. My goal is to make people understand and to help people from being intimidated about maths and to express the passion that I have towards maths. In addition, I am here to give advice towards the younger years, especially Year
11s who are having to make the daunting transition from GCSE to Alevel


Abbie - Mai Hardy

Learning Representative (Dance)

I have been dancing for around nine years now and have experienced many things like performing in Disneyland and performing many times in the West End. Dance as a course is very fun and exciting we complete many shows and routines alongside lots of theory. We also complete many achievements, for example, we taught at Shaldon primary school and got our dance awards. We go to London annually to dance in pineapple studios and to watch live performances, this helps with our stage presence and confidence. This year we have completed our first component where we had to learn a famous choreographer’s dance. We have also just completed our Christmas show where our year choreographed three routines together, including our first components routine.


Georgia Stans

Learning Representative (PE)

My name is Georgia and I’m very passionate about PE and what opportunities it can provide. I personally have been doing Taekwondo for 7 years now and in the last 2 years I have began competing. My current ambitions are to compete in the Taekwondo ITF World cup in Slovenia 2020. I will be training as much as I can to get myself there as well as working alongside my coach and the PUMA England team. To make this happen, I’m also going to be competing in some more international events in the new year to come. Obviously I’m very passionate about sports and I want to help instil that same passion in others going into PE in sixth form.


Cameron Scollick

Learning Representative (Spanish)

Alevel Spanish so far has been stunning course already jam packed with amazing classes, studies and out of school trips. Throughout the first term, classes have mainly consisted on strengthening vocabulary and tense using, however we have begun to study a Spanish film called “Volver”. In the last term, a translation festival was held by Exeter University, after a morning of interactive activity to strengthen our translation abilities, students showed us a film they had translated themselves. Even though the course has only just begun, it promises such an unbelievable experience and an in depth understanding of both the Spanish language and culture.


Cate Moyle

Environmental Representative

Dan Byrne

Learning Representative (Science)

Hello my name is Daniel, I’m in year 12 and I’m the Applied Science rep. Applied Science is basically between GCSE and A-Level so we go over GCSE level things in more detail and learn new A-Level stuff as well. Some of the more fun practicals we’ve done includes dissecting a chicken leg and seeing how certain metals react with water.


Charlotte Kimber Ryan

Learning Representative (Health & Social Care)