Induction Tasks

I hope that if you attended the Induction days in July that you found them interesting and helpful. The tasks which are available here are the work which must be completed before you commence the course in September. If you were unable to attend the induction sessions or have decided to complete a different course the tasks are available for you, and in some subjects there is also an overview of the course content.

If you would like to discuss your application or make a new application please contact me at

I hope to meet you all on Tuesday 4th September.

Gill Endacott
Vice Principal, Director of Sixth form.



English Literature Advanced Level


Geography Advanced Level

History Advanced Level

Law BTEC Level 3

Psychology Advanced Level

Sociology Advanced Level



Further Mathematics Advanced Level

Mathematics Advanced Level

Mathematics in Context Advanced Subsidiary Level


Modern Foreign Languages

Spanish Advanced Level


Physical Education

Sport BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate & National Diploma – Unit 2 Part A, Unit 2 Part B and Unit 2 Mark Scheme



Applied Science BTEC Extended Certificate

Biology Advanced Level

Chemistry Advanced Level – Prospective applicants are to contact the Course Leader, Mrs Milligan

Physics Advanced Level


Technology, Art & Design

Art/Photography Cambridge Technical Level 3

Construction BTEC Level 2

Design & Technology Advanced Level

Engineering BTEC Extended Certificate Level 3


Vocational Education and Computing

Business BTEC Extended Certificate

Business BTEC Extended Certificate

Health & Social Care BTEC Extended Certificate

Travel & Tourism BGTEC Subsidiary Diploma Level 3

Work Skills BTEC Diploma Level 2